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Solar Panels

Another Redwood Security First!

Redwood Security's own state of the art alarm monitoring facility was the first commercial building in Marin County to be solar powered.

The solar panels, which were installed in June of 2001, are capable of providing over 3000 watts of power during daylight hours.

At times, during low usage of power in the office, the electrical meter actually rotates backwards, banking power for nighttime use.

Although the system was expected to pay for itself within 5 years, the decision to install solar power stemmed from the desire to provide a clean source of supplemental electricity to power the central station. According to the U.S. Governments "Clean Power Estimator," using this system instead of fossil fuel power, eliminate 6,794 lbs. of Carbon Dioxide and 2 lbs. of Nitrous Oxide emissions per year alone.

Of course, even in California, the sun doesn't always shine, and for those times when power goes out, Redwood's industrial-rated generator automatically powers up.

The generator runs on whatever source of fuel is available: natural gas, propane gas, or gasoline. Additionally, should the generator need servicing during an extended power outage, a bank of deep-cycle batteries will operate Redwood's central station. Redwood's central station facility can run indefinitely without P.G. & E. power.