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Equipment installation

Because Redwood Security is an independent alarm company, it is not limited in its selection of alarm equipment. Redwood Security selects equipment only from established manufacturers with proven, reliable products that are best suited for each application.

Whether residential, commercial or industrial, each installation will be customized to the customers needs with a wide selection of reliable, programmable panels.

Custom System Design

Every home security system is designed for the ease of use and around the framework of how the family lives in the home.

In order to provide protection without changes in lifestyle, many things are taken into account including ventilation, pets, multiple users, aesthetics, using the system while at home, etc. and the system is designed and installed to accommodate these parameters.

All Redwood Security systems can be properly and easily operated by children, guests and the elderly.

Service and Repair

Redwood Security Systems, Inc. is a full-service alarm company installing both security and fire alarm systems. Redwood has more Marin based service vehicles than all other alarm companies operating in Marin, combined.

On any given day, it is likely that there is a Redwood service vehicle in your neighborhood. Being Marin based with thousands of customers throughout Marin and San Francisco, Redwood is well known for its ability to provide immediate and professional service for its valued customers.

Central-station monitoring

Redwood Security Systems, Inc., owns and operates its own state of the art Underwriter' Laboratories (U.L.) listed monitoring facility. Underwriter’s Laboratories is an independent testing agency that has written the standards for central stations to follow and inspects the facilities annually to ensure the standards are followed for the U.L listing.

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