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Because Redwood Security respects the right to privacy, customers names and telephone numbers are not handed out indiscriminately. Redwood Security protects thousands of homes and is proud to count among its clientele some of the most influential residents and spectacular residences in the the entire Bay Area.

Redwood Security installs both wired and wireless systems depending on what is appropriate for each particular application.

Redwood Security, Inc. has developed concealed wiring techniques that are unique in the industry. Our technicians are unequaled in their ability to design, install, and maintain your security system.

You will find every Redwood technician to be a friendly, efficient, and fully experienced professional.

Alarm Window Screens

Alarm Window ScreensAlarm window screens can provide both ventilation and protection.

Let the fresh air in and keep the bugs and other uninvited guests out. Alarm window screens can provide both ventilation and protection. If the screen is cut or lifted out while the alarm system is armed, the alarm will be activated. Ideal in bathrooms, bedrooms or any room requiring natural ventilation and protection. These are a particularly helpful option when the system is armed while the residents are at home.


Stay Command

Stay Commander mostion Detectors

While using the 'stay' command, interior motion detectors can be eliminated from the protection, leaving the perimeter doors, windows and glass break detectors active. All family members, including pets can move freely about the home and sleep soundly at night knowing the home's perimeter is protected.


Glass Break Detectors

Glass Break in DetectorsGlass-break detectors are often included in the system design.

Glass break detectors use multiple domain signal analysis in which time, frequency and amplitude characteristics are evaluated for signal qualification and can be set to match the acoustics of the room. This enables the detector to accurately discriminate false alarms from true glassbreak events. Glass break detectors can work on all glass types, including plate, tempered, laminated, wired, film-coated, and sealed insulating glass.


What you don't see

Invisible security protectionInvisible security protection


One of the best things about a Redwood Security System is what you don't see! Aesthetics are taken into account on every Redwood Security installation with location, visual impact and equipment selection are all balanced to achieve a satisfactory result.


Fire Systems

Fire ProtectionA Fire detection system, using a combination of heat and smoke detectors may be added to the alarm control panel. A typical fire system consists of heat detectors in areas where a fire is most likely to occur: garage, kitchen, furnace and water heater rooms, and rooms with fireplaces. Smoke detectors are located in the hallways outside the bedrooms. The fire system is active 24 hours a day and will activate an audible alarm and notify the fire department even if the security system is not "armed."


Pet Friendly Security

Pet Friendly SecurityRedwood Security recognizes that a pet is a family member and the system needs to be designed to accommodate their life style, just like any other family member. A properly designed system will not alter the resident’s lifestyle, or the pet’s.