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Certified Green Business

What does a Green Business Mean in the Bay Area

Redwood Security Systems, Inc. is the only Certified Green security company in the San Francisco Bay Area and has taken extraordinary steps to promote environmentally responsible practices.

  1. Full solar powered system which at times, during the summer, actually returns power to PG&E. 
  2. More than 80% of task lighting is natural from extensive use of skylights and windows.
  3. All electronics, computers and monitors, appliances and lighting use the latest technology in energy conservation.
  4. Carpeting is ECO-WORX carpet tiles by Shaw which is fully sustainable carpet. With wear comparable to commercial carpet, it is made from recycled carpet and can be recyled again and again.  Individual soiled or worn carpet tiles can be replaced.  The manufacturing process and the carpet itself are both more ecologically friendly than standard carpet. 
  5. Hybrid and clean running TDI vehicles are used when possible.
  6. All cardboard, paper and batteries are re-cycled.
  7. Low water use landscape.
  8. Use of eco-friendly cleaners.
  9. Printing materials are on re-cycled paper.  
  10. Since going "paperless", there has been a 90% reduction in paper products.

For more information about Marin Green Program please visit this link