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Customer Comments

Over the last 35 years, Redwood Security has received thousands of compliments regarding our installation designs, service, office personnel, installers and equipment. These compliments are the result of Redwood's one and only goal to make each and every customer completely satisfied for as long as they are a customer of Redwood Security. This is a sampling of comments received by Redwood Security Systems, Inc.

All were handwritten by the customer and are on file. No incentives were offered for favorable comments.


Mr. & Mrs. D. O. -Novato

"We have been customers of yours since 1979 at our previous residence in Fairfax and now in Novato and have always been pleased."

Mrs. J. D. -Ross

"Soooooo happy to be with a local company."

Mrs. C. T. -Corte Madera

"Very professional."

Mr. & Mrs. K. B. -Mill Valley

"Always go with a local company.  Your salesman and installer were great, courteous and efficient.  We switched from ______(other alarm company) due to impersonal service."

Mr. T. D. -Mill Valley

"Great job explaining, great installer.  Very low key and respectful.  Thank you."

Mr. M. B. -San Rafael

"Considering the month long frustrating experience we had with ______(other alarm company) to upgrade my security system, your service has been a revelation.  From our initial contact through the installation, everything went smoothly and without any complications."

Mrs. J. R. -San Rafael

"Excellent on all counts, Thanks!"

Mrs. J. M. -Ross

"Great professional service!  Such a relief after_____(other alarm company).  The salesman was wonderful and the installer was very careful about the installation.  A true asset to your company."

Mr. H. S. -Tiburon

"Loved you guys at our old address in Mill Valley, still love you at our new place in Tiburon."

Mrs. J. W. -San Rafael

"You are always very quick to respond and your service has been great."

Mrs. K. P. -San Rafael

"Really helpful, prompt and considerate personnel...bent over backwards.  The installer was extremely nice and non-intrusive and really went the extra mile to insure the equipment was installed in an aesthetically yet effective manner."

Mr. J. B. -Novato

"Your firm exemplifies great customer service and you are a model for your industry."

Mr. D. G. -Tiburon

"The alarm system SAVED our house from a burglary.  Thank you!  I have been pleased in every regard with the service you have provided."

Mrs. S. M. -Greenbrae

"Very efficient!"

Mrs. B. M. -Ross

"Had good experience at my other house and look forward to the same experience this time."

Mr. E. -San Rafael

"Great job!"

Mrs. P. A. -Mill Valley

"I love my state of the art alarm system.  It is a vast improvement over my old system.  I am just sorry I didn't call Redwood sooner.  The installer did a fantastic job.  He was experienced and knew exactly what needed to be done.  Always on time, also very polite and courteous."

Mrs. K. L. -Belvedere

"All personnel have been very helpful and professional."

Mrs. A. S. -Sausalito

"I am very happy to be with a local company."

Mrs. B. G. -Mill Valley

"It is great doing business with you!"

Mr. M. J. -San Anselmo

"Installer was prompt, friendly, knowledgeable, excellent.  The system is very easy to use.  You guys are heaven compared to _____(other alarm company) which is Hellish."

Mr. & Mrs. B. F. -San Rafael

"All contacts have been very professional, always on time, excellent in all parts of the installation.  Great!"

Mr. R. A. --Tiburon

"A very nice and professional job."

Mr. I. S. -San Rafael

"The most wonderful experience we had encountered with an alarm company.  The installation crew was fast, extremely courteous and very clean.  Also appreciated everyones patience explaining features to a new user.  Would highly recommend Redwood Security Systems to any homeowner and not only that, we are sleeping very soundly.  Thanks!"

Mr. J. T. -Mill Valley

"From start to finish, a great experience.  Highly recommend Redwood!"

Mrs. J. S. -San Rafael

"We are very pleased with our system."

Mrs. A. L. --Tiburon

"The salesman was great compared to ____(other alarm company) who used heavy sales tactics.  Your rep was thorough, calming and thoughtful throughout the entire process.  The installers were very nice.  It was a pleasant experience."

Mrs. K. G. -Mill Valley


Mr. T. C. -Sausalito

"What a great change from _______(other alarm company)."

Mr. & Mrs. T. P. -San Anselmo

"Redwood has been excellent since we started with the company 20 some years ago."

Mrs. G. Z. -Belvedere

"I really appreciate having the personal touch of a long time local company.  Having used ____(other alarm company) previously, it is a great improvement."

Mr. D. E. -Mill Valley

"Very professional, easy to use, very happy with the entire experience."

Mr. J. R. -San Rafael

"We had such a good experience with Redwood at my place of business, there was no need to shop around for my home security.  Clean, organized, no problems.  Redwood is the way to go."

Mr. D. K. -Sausalito

"I have used Redwood Security for years and think highly of your company."

Mr. G. B. -San Rafael

"Wow, beautiful job!!   I would recommend you guys anytime.  Thank you so much for such a professional job."

Mrs. M. M. -Mill Valley

"Since my husband and I work in the city, my entire interaction has been done via the phone with the salesman and service manager.  They always exceeded our expectations."

Mr. E. L. -Mill Valley

"This is the third location we have used your services. Each time was a positive experience."

Mr. T. P. -Belvedere

"The sales rep and installer were very professional."

Mrs. J. P. -Sausalito

"You have been wonderful all these years and I want to thank you."

Mr. J. G. -San Rafael

"The installer was very reliable and helpful."

Mrs. N. G. -Mill Valley

"I am grateful for the salesman's and installer's patient explanations, knowledge base, honesty and attention to detail!  Everyone with whom I have spoken at the Mill Valley office is also exceptional with his/her level of customer service."

Mr. B. H. -Larkspur

"Your technician was courteous, thorough and most helpful.  Thanks."

Mr. S. F. -Mill Valley

"I wish every company was staffed by such great knowledgeable and courteous people."

Mrs. D. S. --Tiburon

"I suggested you to my friend because I believe in the quality of your product and service.  Thank you for taking such good care of my friends.  They are very pleased as I have always been.  I will continue to recommend you."

Mrs. R. -San Rafael

"Very clean, efficient and polite."

Mr. B. -San Anselmo

"Thank you, the promptness, efficiency and courteousness of your employees is outstanding."

Dr. K. -San Rafael

"We appreciate your office's efficiency, attention to detail and graciousness.  I appreciated the way you and your staff adapted to changes we asked for as the job progressed."

Mr. J. Y. -Novato

"Thank did a neat and professional job.  Thanks for the master installation.  FIRST CLASS!!!"

Mrs. C. M. -Mill Valley

"Just got my security system and I'm wild about it!"

Mr. W. N. --Tiburon

"Your service has been a 12 on a scale of 10.  Very impressed and pleased."